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CIBC Mellon Gardening 2013 (1)

Donor Profile: CIBC Mellon

“CIBC Mellon has supported Eva’s since 2009, as donors, volunteers and very satisfied customers of the Eva’s Phoenix Print Shop. Over the years we have experimented with a variety of volunteering activities, including sports days, construction projects and movie nights.  We’ve found that what works best for all involved is when our volunteers cook a […]

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Eva’s new employment program in Property Maintenance and Construction

In July, Eva’s Phoenix awoke to the sound of construction, as 10 youth started their first day of our new employment program in Property Maintenance and Construction. Sandra, a remarkable student and the only female in the program, was full of raw energy. It didn’t take any time to identify that she was full of […]

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Print Shop holiday card orders

Phoenix Print Shop

One of the key challenges homeless youth face is acquiring “hard skill” training to help them enter the job market. The Phoenix Print Shop Training Program at Eva’s Initiatives, is designed to provide homeless and at-risk youth with career preparation support and skills training to help them overcome barriers to employment and access entry-level jobs, […]

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